Can You Reuse Amazon Packaging?

Jan 14, 2024

We all know that Amazon is taking steps to enhance its sustainability efforts, but with millions of parcels shipped daily, it’s fair to ask the question: can you reuse Amazon packaging? In the following article, we're going to explore the feasibility, benefits, and considerations of reusing Amazon packaging materials, and go over the steps to take if you plan on doing so. Let’s get started.

Considerations Before Reusing Amazon Packaging

So, if you do plan on reusing Amazon packaging, here’s some advice from us, an Amazon PPC agency:

Cleanliness and Condition

Before reusing any packaging material, the first thing to consider is its cleanliness and condition; packaging that has been damaged, soaked, or contaminated during transit might not be suitable for reuse. Always ensure that the packaging is intact and clean; this is essential for the safety and integrity of the next shipment.

Removal of Labels and Barcodes

To avoid confusion during shipping, it’s essential to remove or cover all previous labels and barcodes, including any postage stamps. This step will ensure that the package reaches the correct destination while also preventing any scanning errors in the delivery process - these can incur irritating delays for your package.

Compatibility with Shipping Standards

Another key consideration is whether the reused packaging complies with shipping standards for the type of product you’re going to be shipping; you need to make sure that the packaging size and type meets the carrier’s requirements before wrapping anything up.

Types of Amazon Packaging Materials

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the most common types of Amazon packaging, and these boxes are sturdy and can often be reused multiple times for shipping various items. However, you’ll want to first ensure that the box is still structurally sound and has no significant tears or dents before using it.

Bubble Wrap and Cushioning

Bubble wrap and other cushioning materials provided in Amazon parcels are excellent for reusing: these items can provide protection for fragile items and can be reused until they lose their cushioning properties.

Plastic Envelopes

Amazon’s plastic envelopes are lightweight and versatile, making them suitable for shipping a variety of smaller items. Again, you’ll want to double check for any tears or holes that could compromise the safety or quality of the contents during transit.

Benefits of Reusing Amazon Packaging

Environmental Impact

The most obvious benefit of reusing packaging materials is that it significantly reduces waste and environmental impact; in minimising the demand for new packaging production, you end up saving resources and reducing your carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

For businesses - especially small businesses - reusing packaging can lead to substantial cost savings; you won’t need to make an investment in shipping costs every time you get a new order, resulting in more profit staying in your pocket.

Amazon's Stance on Packaging Reuse

So, what does Amazon think? Luckily enough, Amazon actually encourages the reuse and recycling of its packaging materials as part of its commitment to being eco-friendly. For the last few years, the company has been very forward-thinking when it comes to sustainability efforts, and as of 2023 they have no rules or regulations in place that prevent you from using or upcycling their packaging for your own various needs.

Creative Ways to Reuse Amazon Packaging

Beyond shipping, Amazon packaging materials can be creatively repurposed: cardboard boxes can be used for storage, DIY projects, or even as makeshift playhouses for children, while bubble wrap can be used for insulating windows or as a protective layer when moving fragile items. Plastic envelopes, on the other hand, are great for organising small items at home or in your messy office drawers.

The Bottom Line

Overall, reusing Amazon packaging is not only feasible but also beneficial from both an environmental and an economic perspective. Whether you’re an individual shipper and you love posting care packages to your friends, or you’re a small business struggling to keep up with shipping costs, reusing Amazon packaging can be one step towards a more responsible, cost-effective and efficient shipping process.


Can all types of Amazon packaging be reused for shipping?

Most Amazon packaging, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and plastic envelopes, can be reused for shipping, provided they are in good condition. However, ensure that the packaging is clean, undamaged, and complies with the shipping standards of your chosen courier service.

How do I properly remove old labels and barcodes from Amazon packaging?

You should usually be able to peel off any old shipping labels and barcodes with your fingers, but if they're difficult to remove, you can cover them securely with a dark marker or adhesive labels. Make sure no old barcodes or shipping information are visible to avoid confusion during transit.

Is reusing Amazon packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes! Reusing Amazon packaging helps reduce waste and environmental impact, and decreases the demand for new packaging material. All of this helps lower the overall carbon footprint associated with shipping and e-commerce.

Are there any legal restrictions on reusing Amazon packaging?

Generally, there are no legal restrictions on reusing Amazon packaging for personal or business shipping. However, you should ensure that the packaging is suitable and safe for the intended contents.

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