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Can't Get Your PPC Profitable?


A very common issue among Amazon Sellers is getting your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns running profitably. This is a fine line of bidding high enough to get the impressions, without overbidding and cutting into your profits.

Luckily, we have also encountered, and solved this problem with our in house PPC strategy. 


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One of the first steps to begin selling on Amazon is to pick a product. This is actually a critical step in the process, and can be solely responsible for failure. Our product research course showcases our methodology used time and time again when selecting a wining product. We go over theory, tools used, and even showcase an example so you can replicate our success.

Module 1

Introduction to product research and theory, overview on the tools required, and a sneak-peek into the upcoming modules.

Module 2

We dive right into how to sign up for Helium10, the top product research tool. After signup, we explain every tool that this program offers for Amazon product research such as BlackBox, Cerebro, Market Tracker, etc. 

Module 3

Before we begin finding your product, we cover the principles and advanced theory regarding product research, such as what to avoid, cash flow, profit margins, and formulas surrounding these areas. 

Module 4

In this module we showcase the Vertex Product Research Sheet, a spreadsheet we built ourselves and use to find all of our products. We go over each section, explain the formulas, and how to properly integrate in your research. 

Module 5

We begin analyzing a variety of products using Helium10, teaching our methods with live examples of 2024 products. For each product, we explain the why behind whether it is a winner or a loser. 

Module 6

We conclude this course by combining our product research sheet and Helium10. Using this hybrid approach, we showcase a real example of a winning product, and the next steps involved in taking it to market. 

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Live 1:1 Coaching

Get targeted support where you need it most. Sometimes, a single call with a seasoned expert is all it takes to steer you in the right direction. Our Live 1:1 Amazon Coaching Calls offer flexible packages tailored to your needs, whether you opt for a single session or a bundle of four. With each call, you'll tap into expert insights and strategies personalized to your specific challenges and goals. Whether you're fine-tuning your product listings, mastering advertising techniques, or navigating Amazon's complex ecosystem, we are here to provide targeted guidance, helping you achieve your business ambitions efficiently and effectively.

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